Transport Office, CUHK

Maintenance Workshop

University Vehicle Maintenance Workshop

The University Vehicle Maintenance Workshop of Transport Office is located in the eastern part of the campus.  With a repair workshop and petrol station, it provides a wide range of inspection and repair services for university vehicles, including annual inspection and maintenance, emergency repair, tyre replacement, refueling and interior car disinfection.

Service Booking
Annual Inspection and Maintenance

Leveraging professional knowledge and technology, maintenance personnel regularly provide pre-inspection and maintenance services for different types of university vehicles based on departmental needs. We provide one-stop annual vehicle inspection and related support.

Emergency Repair

The campus spans an extensive area. For university vehicles in the course of work, in the event of a breakdown or that requires technical support, the University Vehicle Maintenance Workshop can send emergency rescue vehicles to provide support services and necessary assistance to the department.

Tyre Replacement

Maintenance personnel regularly select suitable tyres for university vehicles, and provide tyre replacement and four-wheel positioning services. We also provide tyre inspection and maintenance services (including inspection of tyre pressure, tread marks, tread wear and foreign objects) to university vehicles to reduce the chance of accidents.

B5 Biodiesel

The petrol station in the University Vehicle Maintenance Workshop provides fuel and AdBlue for university vehicles. This reduces the time it takes for university vehicles to refuel at off-campus petrol stations, thereby enhancing the efficiency of the work of different departments.

To promote environmental protection, the university petrol station replaced conventional diesel with B5 biodiesel in 2019 to help reduce the consumption of fossil fuels.


Various types of disinfection technologies, such as UV sterilization, nebulizer disinfection and nano photocatalytic disinfection coating, are now available at the University Vehicle Maintenance Workshop, offering comprehensive care for university vehicles.

Safe Environment

The new University Vehicle Maintenance Workshop comprises various zones for different scopes of work. Any person entering relevant work areas is required to comply with the established safety codes and work procedures (e.g. wearing appropriate protective equipment) to ensure work safety. Traffic control has also been implemented at the University Vehicle Maintenance Workshop, which clearly distinguishes the pavements and driveways to ensure pedestrian and driver safety.

Service Booking

If any departments need to arrange for regular maintenance or a repairment of university vehicles at the University Vehicle Maintenance Workshop, please fill out the Online University Vehicle Repair Appointment Form.